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No. 610: Random No Sundays

First | Previous | 2011-01-19 | Next | Latest

Random No Sundays

First | Previous | 2011-01-19 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=610

Strip by: tardis2334

Strip 1:
Garfield: Ah-ha! I knew I still hand those old rubber arms!
{Garfield sneaks past Jon, with what appear to be very long arms}
Jon: Get away from that thermostat!
Strip 2:
Jon: {to Garfield} I have the last cookie!
{He examines it}
Jon: Okay, okay, this is plastic.
Garfield: Gee, I wonder what happened to the last real cookie.
Garfield: BURP
Strip 3:
Jon: When I left this room, there was a hamburger on the plate.
Jon: What should I do?
Garfield: You could leave the room again so I could take care of that pickle chip.

The author writes:

Inspired by qvaak's April of No Sundays collection, I took three random Sunday strips and twisted them into daily strips.

[[Original strips: 2001-11-11, 2003-09-28, 2000-06-25.]]

Original strips: 2000-06-25, 2001-11-11, 2003-09-28.