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No. 109: April of No Sundays Collection

First | Previous | 2009-07-09 | Next | Latest

April of No Sundays Collection

First | Previous | 2009-07-09 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=109

Strip by: qvaak

Garfield: {on fence, to Arlene} Jon thinks you're my girlfriend.
Arlene: Am I?
{Garfield goes inside, where Jon is drinking coffee}
Garfield: See what you started?! {angrily smacks Jon across the face}

TV 1: Holy bovines, corporal! There's a giant monster invading the city!
TV 2: It's just a bad actor in a rubber suit.
TV 1: Egad! A zipper monster! That's the worst kind!
TV 2: And that's not a real city.
Garfield: General Cordwood seems to have buried himself in the part.
TV 2: See?

SFX: flip {Jon flips a Kitty Treat through the air to Garfield}
SFX: BWOINK DOINK {Garfield athletically bounces it up to his mouth with his foot and buttocks}
SFX: clap {Jon gives a golf clap as Garfield leaves}

Garfield: {typing on computer} Dear Jon, Life here with you has become unbearable, so I am running away to join the French Foreign Legion. Goodbye.
SFX: tic tic tic {typing}
SFX: print print print print {Garfield prints the letter he just typed}
Jon: GARFIELD! {Jon is angry at seeing the letter in the goldfish bowl, which has no fish in it. On the table there is a splash of water, an open jar of tartar sauce, and half a lemon.}

The author writes:

Comment by site admin: Sometimes the 7-panel Sunday Garfield strips just seem like a bunch of unnecessary filler around the core gag. By taking every Sunday strip from April, 2009, and paring them down to the essentials of the gags in just 3 brief panels each, qvaak here has shown that brevity is indeed the soul of wit.

Original strips: 2009-04-05, 2009-04-12, 2009-04-19, 2009-04-26.