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About Square Root of Minus Garfield

Square Root of Minus Garfield is a webcomic devoted to parodies and mash-ups of the popular comic strip Garfield, by Jim Davis.

Several other people have created various different Garfield parodies. We thought it would be cool to make one ourselves. The problem is, the space of potential Garfield mash-ups is so large that in just a few minutes we had come up with six different ideas for exactly how we could turn a Garfield strip into a parody. And any given style of parody might get stale after a while.

So we decided to make the mash-up style variable from strip to strip. The styles will recur, but every now and then we'll come up with a new type of parody we can do.

We also accept reader contributions! See the Submit page for how to contribute.


Garfield and the characters therein are copyright by Paws, Inc. "Garfield" and associated character names and likenesses are registered trademarks of Paws, Inc.

Paws, Inc. does not sponsor, authorise, or endorse this site. This is a fan-produced parody site. Original comic strip images are modified and used here only as a vehicle for parody. The modified comic images may not be sold.

We recognise and appreciate the goodwill Jim Davis and Paws, Inc. show towards Garfield parody sites on the web.

Why the name Square Root of Minus Garfield?

One of the more popular Garfield parodies is Garfield Minus Garfield. We liked the mathematical nature of the title. And in mathematics the square root of a negative (or "minus") number is what's known as an imaginary number, which is cool because we are presenting imaginary Garfield strips.

Other Garfield Parodies

Here are some selected other Garfield parodies on the web (some of these no longer have web sites, so I have removed the dead links):