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No. 749: Manga Garfield 3: Black Humour

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Manga Garfield 3: Black Humour

First | Previous | 2011-06-07 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=749

Strip by: DanielBT

{Jon is sitting at his cartooning table. Garfield is sitting by the window, with his back to Jon}
Jon: I wonder what would happen...
{Jon throws a cigarette lighter at Garfield}
Jon: If I hit this kitty at Mach 2.
{Garfield stumbles and falls out the window}
Jon: ... Hurm...
Lyman: Hey, did you say something?
Jon: Uh?
Jon: No, nothing...
Jon: Nothing at all...
Jon: ... ...
Jon: Say Lyman, if a cat fell six floors onto a concrete sidewalk, do you think it'd survive?
Lyman: Huh?
Lyman: No way! That's pretty high up, even for a cat!
Lyman: Why'd you ask that?
Jon: ... Reference...

The author writes:

I'm sure that after posting the first two pages of the What's Michael manga, people may naturally be curious as to why this story was left out of the Dark Horse English translation. Well, the next two pages may be a big clue. I've tried to recreate the dialogue as best as I can remember in the 2nd page, with some slight differences. In the last panel, the cartoonist originally said, "No reason...", but in foreign editions, he just said the silent "...", similar for most of the comic at the beginning.

[[Original strip: 1984-01-30.]]

Original strip: 1984-01-30.