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No. 3415: Jon Rues the Day

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Jon Rues the Day

First | Previous | 2018-09-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3415

Strip by: Mattman324

{Jon munches on a hamburger, noticing Garfield's eagerness to steal his food once again}
Jon: You can have this hamburger if you can reach it, Garfield
Jon: WHA!?
{Jon attempts to remove the hamburger from Garfield's presence, but Garfield's arms, already larger than himself, contort themselves in strange ways, eventually stealing away the burger}
{Garfield eats the burger}
Jon: B-B-B-B-B-B-B
Garfield: Jon will rue the day I got these rubber arms

Strange disconnected text: Approximately 19 years later...

Garfield: Brrrrrr
Garfield: It is freezing in here!
Garfield: Ah-ha! I knew I still had those old rubber arms!
{Jon sips his coffee, unknowing of the strange scene he is about to witness}
{Jon sees Garfield's arms, alone in his visible line of sight above the table, as Garfield slinks below}
{Jon realizes what Garfield's strategy is this time, although he does not react to it by getting up or otherwise stopping Garfield. Instead, he simply says:}
Jon: Get away from that thermostat!

The author writes:

I remember seeing the original rubber arms strip as a much younger individual, but during a randomized scan my attention was brought to a second strip featuring his rubber arms. The silly thing, I suppose, is that they'd reference that strip after an almost full 19 years.

Oh, and the first strip could have so many different jokes done about it by people with even passable editing skills. Like, first of all, how in the world did those arms bend that way? Clearly that's what Jon was reacting to all along.

[[Original strips: 1982-12-12, 2001-11-11.]]

Original strips: 1982-12-12, 2001-11-11.