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No. 3414: Morphield

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First | Previous | 2018-09-23 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3414

Strip by: Levellass

Jon: How about a snack, Garfield?
Jon: Here's some liver left from dinner
Garfield: Blech!
Jon: It's good. Really. Watch me
{Jon eats some of the liver}
Jon: M-m-m-m nummy, nummy, nummy
{The plate starts to darken as Garfield removes the liver from it}
Garfield: Oh, very well
{Garfield starts eating the liver as the plate becomes ever more rounded and black}
{The plate has transformed into a mouse}
{Garfield looks at the mouse but continues eating the liver}
Jon: Garfield, why can't you chase mice like other cats?
Garfield: If Jon eats one first, I'll consider it

The author writes:

Longtime readers of Garfield will be aware of the hijinks that mice often get up to, including ingenious disguises. Mice from the planet Catalon are well known for their morphing abilities. (And their deadly Paasta-Blasters.) This is in fact the original strip Jim Davis submitted to editors, where the shock of removing the mouse's liver hat causes it to revert to its original form and flee. Sadly Davis' editors did not think that it would have wide appeal, requiring too deep a knowledge of Garfield lore, and so it was hastily edited by copy-pasting the plate, resulting in what many inexperienced garfers (as Garfield fans are known by those who know them as that) assuming the missing plate in panel 6 was an error.

[[Original strip: 1979-06-24.]]

Original strip: 1979-06-24.