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No. 3218: The Cat Continuum

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The Cat Continuum

First | Previous | 2018-03-11 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3218

Strip by: Hoopla

Uncle Roy: Look who's come to visit, boys and girls. It's Tom, the cat. Hi, Tom.
Tom: Hi, Uncle Roy.
Uncle Roy: How are you?
Tom: I'm fine. How are you?
Garfield: Uncle Roy is getting pretty bizarre.
Uncle Roy: How's your mother?
Tom: She's fine.
Garfield {to the viewers}: Who'd be dumb enough to believe there is a talking cat?

The author writes:


So, I saw this strip, and for the longest while, I had a stupid idea: What was Jim trying to do here? Did he just pick a name for a talking cat that sounded vaguely familiar? Or was he trying to make a reference and just stumbled on some Critical Research Failure? I don't know, could just be me. For some reason, "talking cat" just points to Tom.

They do talk sometimes though.

And I saw the movie, and it sucks. The direct to video ones are better.

Anyone willing to take the inverse option is completely welcome.

(exhale, sips water)

[[Original strip: 1984-06-09. ]]

Original strip: 1984-06-09.