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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3217

Strip by: Michael C. Fortner

{Liz kicks Odie off of Dilbert's head, past the goalie, and into the football/soccer goal}
{Dilbert lies face down on the field and the goalie glares at Liz as she celebrates the goal}
Dilbert: Gee, I've scored five goals that way.
Liz: You've got a good head for this game.

The author writes:

Apparently, Garfield isn't the only one who likes kicking Odie. I guess all of that abuse from Garfield enabled him to be used as the ball in some demented game of football/soccer (name depends on if you are from the USA or not). Why the SPCA hasn't been called on her yet is a mystery.

The title is from the way announcers in Latin America announce a goal. If you haven't heard it like this, here's an example.

Oddly enough, Dilbert's girlfriend in the 90s was named Liz as well.

[[Original strip: 2013-03-17.

Original Dilbert strip: 1994-06-17.]]

Original strip: 2003-07-13.