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No. 2276: Garfield Minus Cartoon Physics

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Garfield Minus Cartoon Physics

First | Previous | 2015-08-12 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2276

Strip by: Muchacho1994

{Title panel: Garfield, the Caped Avenger, has attempted to take flight off the kitchen table, but Odie has stepped on his cape in mid-jump, leaving our hero hanging. Frustrated, the Caped Avenger decides to take his anger out on us, the readers, instead of Odie.}
Garfield: You should be drug out into the street and shot. I know everyone's IPs.
{Garfield peeks into the kitchen and spots the cookie jar on top of the fridge. A disclaimer appears below:}
Note: Garfield is a cat and does not really know your IP.
{Garfield throws a grappling hook behind the refrigerator and puts one of his back paws on the fridge, starting to climb it. Suddenly, the fridge starts to lean.}
{Frightened, Garfield's eyes widen and his ears pull back, just before the fridge falls on top of him with a resounding...}
{Smoke rises up from the green refrigerator. Garfield has been crushed to death.}
Jon: What the $+#% was that? *gasp* GARFIELD!?
{Jon shouts Garfield's name, but unlike the other times, not out of fury. This time, out of concern and worry. Jon pulls Garfield's flattened corpse out from under the fridge and is holding it in disbelief.}
{Jon is in tears.}
{A tribute panel with white text on black reads:}
Garfield Horatio Arbuckle Cat III, Esq.
June 19, 1978 - April 25, 2015
He hated Mondays, even though he had no job.

The author writes:

I saw strip #1070 and what the description said about Cartoon Physics, thereby introducing this idea to me. The "speheheheak" is supposed to be a reference to SpongeBob.

With help from SRoMG #997.

Original strip: 1989-04-16.