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No. 1070: Fridge Climb

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Fridge Climb

First | Previous | 2012-04-23 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1070

Strip by: Garfunkel

Garfield: I may need to consider becoming the Uncaped Avenger.
{Garfield spots a fridge with a jar of cookies on top of it}
{Garfield throws a grappling hook behind the fridge}
SFX: kreeeeeeek {Garfield tries to climb the fridge, but his weight causes it to start tilting}
SFX: THUD {The fridge falls and crushes Garfield}
{The fridge is now on the ground}
{A horribly scathed Garfield climbs out from under the fridge, holding the jar}
{Garfield reaches his paw into the jar.}
SFX: KABING! {Garfield throws one of the cookies at Jon, which hits him and causes him to spit out his coffee}

The author writes:

The original is one of my favourite Garfield strips, so I gave it a new punchline. Instead of Garfield throwing the cookie at Jon because they were raisin cookies, I had him throw it at him because Jon's decision to put the cookies on top of the fridge almost caused him to get killed. (And he would have gotten killed, if it weren't for Cartoon Physics.)

[[Original strip: 1989-04-16.]]

Original strip: 1989-04-16.