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No. 2186: Attached Photos

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Attached Photos

First | Previous | 2015-05-14 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2186

Strip by: NES Boy

{Garfield is sending an e-mail to Santa Claus. The following is written on his laptop screen}
To: Santa
Subject: Me
Dear Santa,
I have been good all year. Please see attached photos.
{A photo of Garfield hugging Odie is shown.}
{Another photo is displayed, this time showing Garfield holding a goldfish over its bowl. The position of Garfield's other hand suggests he is patting the fish. A drop of water is falling back into the bowl.}
{A photo of Garfield on a ladder, with his lips touching a bird standing on a tree branch, apparently being kissed.}
{Yet another photo, this time showing Garfield playing badminton outdoors with a spider. Judging by the trajectory of the shuttlecock, Garfield had just served it to the spider.}
{Back to Garfield by the laptop. This time, he's trying to take a photo of himself and Jon using a handheld device.}
Jon: This is fraud, you know...
Garfield: Shut up and smile.

The author writes:

The edits are actually really subtle this time around. Let's just say they take the subject matter into consideration.

[[Original strip: 2014-12-07.]]

Original strip: 2014-12-07.