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No. 2185: Dear Satan

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Dear Satan

First | Previous | 2015-05-13 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2185

Strip by: Lubaf

Garfield, typing at a computer: To: Satan. Subject: Me. Dear Satan, I have been very evil this year. Please see attached photos.
{Garfield hugging Odie; Odie has the tip of a blade coming out of him}
{Garfield pouring sauce on a fish}
{Garfield kissing a bird on a tree. The tree has a sign reading "This bird is very tasty"}
{Garfield playing law tennis with a spider, using a cartoon bomb as the ball}
Jon: This is fraud, you know.
Garfield: Shut up and let Photoshop do its magic!

The author writes:

A little more ambitious then my usual effort. No, I'm not clear on why Garfield is so hell-bent (pun intended) on getting in Satan's good graces.

[[Original strip: 2014-12-07.]]

Original strip: 2014-12-07.