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No. 2160: Warning! Challenger Approaching!

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Warning! Challenger Approaching!

First | Previous | 2015-04-18 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2160

Strip by: Dr. Manny

{A Super Smash Bros. character card for Garfield}
Text: He's the lasagna-lovin', Odie-kickin', Nermal-hatin' fat cat with a wit that's as dry as his owner's attempts at dating. The long-overdue Garfield finally joins the brawl!
{Panel with Jon taking off a cap to reveal a scary shock of hair}
{Panel with Jon in a silly sweater}
Ball of wool: Hey!
{Panel with Jon complaining and Garfield smirking}
Jon: ... because I had the worst morning of my life!
Garfield: Yeah, I usually don't get up that early.
{Panel of Jon in a puddle of water up to his chin}
Jon: This puddle was deeper than it looked!
Text: How to Unlock
Text: Garfield's Special Moves
Text: Standard Special Move: Odie Punch
Text: Side Special Move: Lasagna Roll
Text: Up Special Move: Lasanga Throw
Text: Down Special Move: Bed Slam
Text: Final Smash: Garfield Nightmare

The author writes:

Someone probably already beat me to it, but as long as they haven't, I've decided to try my hand at a Super Smash Bros.-style character reveal for the fat cat himself! Each panel where the game screenshot would usually be is instead a panel from a strip published on the date that each Super Smash Bros. game was released in Japan.

Top-left panel: 1999-01-21.
Top-right panel: 2001-11-21.
Bottom-left panel: 2008-01-31.
Bottom-right panel: 2014-09-13. (The date Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS was released in Japan)

In addition, I'm willing to reveal Garfield's Special moveset, for those who are curious:

I've also compiled some potential palette swaps for Garfield: Three follow the basic RGB spectrum, one is based on Odie, one is based on Nermal, one is based on Felix the Cat, and one... well, I got creative.

P.S. "Lasanga" was an error. I didn't realize I had spelled it wrong after I already finished the strip. I decided to keep the accident because it fit.

Original strips: 1999-01-21, 2001-11-21, 2008-01-31, 2014-09-13.