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No. 2159: A Star's War

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A Star's War

First | Previous | 2015-04-17 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=2159

Strip by: DanielBT, Edwin Chee

{Jon and Garfield are minding their own businesses on a park bench}
{A lady walks in while holding her pet with a Greedo's head}
Garfield: Oh no!
{The lady sits down on the park bench next to Garfield with Greedo on her lap, while Jon grooms his hair}
Garfield: I've tangled with that Greedo before.
{Greedo stares at Garfield}
Garfield: If I take my eyes of him, he'll clobber me!
{Garfield struggles in place with eyes closed, while Greedo still stares at him}
Garfield: I can't stand it.
{Garfield punches the Greedo out of his spot, surprising the lady and Jon}
Jon: Why did you do that?
Garfield: I hit him back first.

The author writes:

This is based on the controversy over the unpopular editing of a mundane conflict in Star Wars that left many long devoted fans upset at George Lucas' attempt at revisionist history and trying to "improve" upon his mistakes. I noticed the similarity, and thought it was appropriate.

DanielBT: This is actually my first collaboration with another SRoMG contributor, since I lacked the confidence and motivation to photoshop a consistent Greedo head for the majority of the panels. I was rather impressed with Edwin Chee's comics and forum commentary, and asked for his contact info since his sense of humour was close to mine. It took several back and forth edits before I was satisfied with the results. I've always been more of a better writer than artist, so I'm grateful for his help.

Edwin Chee: This is also my first collaboration with another SRoMG contributor (a few previous ones were just ideas suggested by other users). I am not well-versed with Star Wars besides the general things people know (such as Darth Vader being related to Luke Skywalker), so the Greedo thing is news to me. It does not matter when it comes to this collaboration, since I didn't need to understand all that to make this edit. Daniel's knowledge in matters like this and the approach in which he conveys them is something I admire, so it's a pleasure to collaborate with him.

[[Original strip: 1984-05-27.]]

Original strip: 1984-05-27.