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No. 1548: Jon Tries to Cope

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Jon Tries to Cope

First | Previous | 2013-08-14 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1548

Strip by: MadDogBV

Jon: Dinner!
Jon: Dinner!
Jon: {to himself} Just a minute, Jon...
Jon: {to reader} Cats meow when they want their food.
Jon: MEOW!
{Jon has thrown the bowl of cat food in his own face}

The author writes:

The inspiration came easily for this one. Even with Garfield out of his life, perhaps either due to old age or sudden disappearance, it appears that Jon still can't quite accept his loss yet.

For those who aren't quite sure what's going on, he attempts to reassure himself that Garfield will eventually arrive for dinner by waiting and listening for a meow. However, eventually he gets impatient, and decides the only way he can fill the void is to himself be Garfield.

Rather tragic, actually.

[[Original strip: 2006-04-09.]]

Original strip: 2006-04-09.