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No. 1417: Bingo

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First | Previous | 2013-04-05 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=1417

Strip by: DanielBT

Garfield: Jon! Your show's on!
Jon: What are you watching?
Garfield: The all-cat channel.
Jon: What the?...
Garfield: Either aliens have landed or the aardvark's pants are too short.
Jon: I have three of those.
Garfield: Figures.
Jon: Zombies from Venus are invading Earth?!
Garfield: Film at eleven.
TV: It pulverizes!
Jon: Selling cats?
Garfield: Yes.
Jon: That stew has whiskers.
Garfield: And only three grams of fat!
Jon: Pretty icky, huh?
Garfield: I'll say. No table linen!
Garfield: What's so scary about-
Jon: It's a rerun.
Garfield: Don't tell me how it turns out!
Jon: Oh, great!
Garfield: There goes his weekend.
Jon: Hey!
Garfield: You watch too much television.
Jon: If you need me, I'll be out front rotating the tire on my unicycle.
Jon: Okay, okay. I'll change the channel.
Garfield: I don't like violence.
TV: Uh... that's close enough, Dork Boy.
Garfield: Et tu, TV?
Jon: They say watching too much TV makes you passive.

The author writes:

Taking a cue from Crossfield, this is an attempt to take a similar concept and try to create a comic that'll work both across and downwards. It also forms a kind of loose narrative if you read it all at once.

[[Original strips: 1988-09-24, 1994-01-17, 1992-12-29, 1993-11-18, 1995-04-28, 1993-07-22, 1998-06-30, 1997-09-11, 1999-08-10, 1999-05-28, 2002-04-12, 2001-10-31, 1989-11-15, 1979-01-25, 1999-08-14, 1994-01-31.]]

Original strips: 1979-01-25, 1988-09-24, 1989-11-15, 1992-12-29, 1993-07-22, 1993-11-18, 1994-01-17, 1994-01-31, 1995-04-28, 1997-09-11, 1998-06-30, 1999-05-28, 1999-08-10, 1999-08-14, 2001-03-31, 2002-04-12.