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No. 924: Crossfield

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First | Previous | 2011-11-29 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=924

Strip by: crashsuit

[top left]
{Garfield looks off-panel in surprise}
[top centre]
{Jon has a plunger stuck to his face. Garfield stares.}
[top right]
{Garfield is talking to a sock puppet on his hand.}
Garfield: There's something wrong with that man.
Puppet: You said it.
[middle left]
{Jon boggles at his toaster. Garfield stares.}
Jon: What does one do with a toaster that's possessed?
[middle centre]
{Entire panel filled with dust clouds.}
[middle right]
{Garfield strolls away, pointing off-panel.}
Garfield: And that's why I'm going to hide behind the couch.
[bottom left]
{Jon turns and yells at Garfield, startling him.}
[bottom centre]
{Garfield stares at a single grape on a plate.}
[bottom right]
{Garfield is in his bed. He has just awoken in surprise.}

The author writes:

I'm not sure if this has done before? It's sort of a "Crossfield" strip idea I came up with while playing with the Garfield randomiser. I realised that while many of the random strips don't flow perfectly, it shouldn't be too hard to make a crossword puzzle-style strip with random or semi-random strips running horizontally or vertically. This one took me about an hour or two of screen-grabbing, pasting, cutting, moving around, etc. I don't know what strips any of these panels are from, I got them all from the randomiser. To improve readability, I trimmed them all slightly and framed them with thick black borders. As a bonus, this creates a slight Hermann-grid illusion at the intersections. There are nine strips total: 3 down, 3 across, 1 diagonally down from top left, 1 diagonally down from top right, and 1 diagonally up from bottom left.

[[Original strips: 2002-10-05, 2004-03-15, 2002-11-18, 2003-11-01, 2002-12-07, 2001-07-21, 2004-08-21, 2003-08-26, 2004-12-22.]]

Original strips: 2001-07-21, 2002-10-05, 2002-11-18, 2002-12-07, 2003-08-26, 2003-11-01, 2004-03-15, 2004-08-21, 2004-12-22.