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No. 948: Goatfield

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First | Previous | 2011-12-23 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=948

Strip by: superluser

Garfield: You're saying we didn't get invited to a New Year's Party!
Garfield: Come on on, everybody... and make sure the goat wipes his feet.
Garfield: Do we have a goat?!
Goat: Baah.
Garfield: Start a fire!
Garfield: And then we'll sacrifice a goat!
Garfield: Ahhhh... the smell of burning goats.
Jon: Are you here for the humn sacrifice?

The author writes:

I was searching through some strips when I saw the strip for 1990-12-29, which seemed a little bloodthirsty for a newspaper comic strip. A little digging shows that Garfield seems to have a thing for slaughtering the Yule Goat, or other types of sacrifice over the New Year's celebration. I just imagined the whole process coming together for this strip.

I must say that I had a lot of fun making this. The exaggerated postures using daily Garfield in a Sunday perspective make it very interesting, I think. I wonder why Davis doesn't do that more often.

[[Original strips: 1994-01-02, 1995-12-27, 1990-12-29, 1987-03-08, 2002-07-21, 2006-10-28, 2004-06-20, 2002-04-22, 2005-02-21, 1996-01-15, 1989-12-31, 1995-12-31.]]

Original strips: 1987-03-08, 1989-12-31, 1990-12-29, 1994-01-02, 1995-12-27, 1995-12-31, 1996-01-15, 2002-04-22, 2002-07-21, 2004-06-20, 2005-02-21, 2006-10-28.