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No. 729: Garfield le Chat

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Garfield le Chat

First | Previous | 2011-05-18 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=729

Strip by: DanielBT

Garfield: Why are cats so mysterious?
Garfield: Allow me to explain by way of an interpretive dance.
Garfield: Oughna... Brrr! Glzz Arf arf
Garfield: It may take 15 to 20 years before it's appreciated.

The author writes:

Having already shown the Manga side of Garfield, I thought it'd be interesting to have an European version of the housecat. In this case, I've used the straight-faced Le Chat by Philippe Gluck combined with dialogue from a Garfield strip. Like Garfield, Le Chat is usually portrayed in three panels, though is more a straight man than Garfield could ever be. I talked about this French cartoon character in a past blog entry.

[[Original strip: 2004-10-18.]]

Original strip: 2004-10-18.