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No. 5105: A Surprise Guest

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A Surprise Guest

First | Previous | 2023-05-11 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5105

Strip by: Trevor

{Opening title card showing Garfield playing bongos like the cool cat he is}
{Cut to Jon, a wimpy, dorky, strangely-youthful 72-year-old man pumping some air into a kiddie pool, whose pattern will come in handy later}
{Jon is now pouring some water from a hose; after all, you can't have pools without water, ESPECIALLY if their surfaces are hard}
{Jon now has the pool ready, so he rushes to the door}
{As he gets inside, Jon has already taken off his shirt, revealing his physique}
{Jon comes back outside in swim trunks as our Holy Creator's name and the original strip's date are shown}
{Jon spots a bunch of animals already in line for the pool, including the titular surprise guest Wade Duck, with Garfield himself, Odie, Nermal, Arlene and four other animals inside the pool. Be careful out there, guys, don't want to put your claws into it...}
Garfield: Take a number

The author writes:

Ah, Wade Duck. Good old, paranoid, afraid-of-his-own-shadow Wade Duck. A major character from one of the Holy Creator James Robert Davis' non-Garfield strips known as U.S. Acres, better known for featuring the "friends" from Garfield and Friends, and voiced by the late, great Howard Morris. When I first saw this strip, I noticed a tabby cat wearing Wade's trademark inner tube, the Wade Duck life preserver, if you will (to quote a GoComics commenter), and the pool using an inverted version of said pattern. I figured, why not replace that cat with the Duck himself, just for giggles?

Original strip: 2022-08-21.