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No. 5099: Garfield Numerosity 5

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Garfield Numerosity 5

First | Previous | 2023-05-05 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5099

Strip by: Captain Lhurgoyf

{A close-up of Garfield's paw}
Caption: Five fingers
{Five beverages are lined up on the table}
Caption: Five ice cream sodas
{An alarmed Garfield is surrounded by five monsters}
Garfield: Five... whatever they are
{Jon excitedly presents five frogs to Garfield}
Jon: Five frogs
{Five dimes are shown arcing gracefully into a Garfield money box}
Caption: Five dimes

The author writes:

Based on a Numerosity segment from Sesame Street, it counts five different sets of features.

In the original version of "The Song of Five", Beautiful Day Monster, Thudge, Grover, Flute Snatcher, and Snerk appear breaking a window, making a man exclaim "Five... whatever they are". This was axed in the official YouTube release due to it being too scary. In this version, Garfield sees the four nightmare monsters from 1986-07-21 and the Nightmare Knight from Cucumber Quest.

Original strips: 1983-06-09, 1986-07-21, 1988-07-21, 1997-02-27.