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No. 5088: Odie Ramone

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Odie Ramone

First | Previous | 2023-04-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5088

Strip by: Nikumubeki

{Garfield is sitting on the floor and Odie's hanging over the window sill from outside, when Jon enters the room, holding a painting}
{Jon hangs the painting, revealed to be of the Ramones, up on the wall}
{Garfield's eyes widen and he recoils back in shock as he notices Odie, now gone from the window, replacing who was likely Joey Ramone in the painting}

The author writes:

Directly inspired by the 200-piece Garfield puzzle seen in an LGR Thrifts video, this time Jon is hanging up a painting of the Ramones on the wall. Garfield still remains the sole witness to Odie's reality-warping powers.

Shoddily finished "Ramones" text on the painting based on the "Glad To See You Go" single cover, Ramones drawing itself taken from the front cover of the Garfield puzzle box as seen in the video.

Original strip: 1986-01-07.