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No. 5010: Jon As _________

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Jon As _________

First | Previous | 2023-02-05 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=5010

Strip by: Mack Straubel

{In every comic, Jon has been replaced with the Author Avatar of the submitter - thusly named Mack, after himself}

Mack: Is it true you have 9 lives?
Garfield: No
Garfield: It just seems that long when living with you
{Mack looks towards the audience, unamused}

Mack: Let's do something
Garfield: Like what?
Mack {pointing one finger up... wait, does he have paws??}: Something fun!
Garfield {holding his paw out}: No way!
Garfield: You know how I hate trying new things
{Mack looks towards the audience again, unhappy}

Mack {in a different shirt and holding a cup of coffee, looking tired}: I'm sick of the daily routine, Garfield
Mack {putting the coffee cup down}: Wake up, eat breakfast, go outside...
Mack {head turned towards, presumably, a window - revealing a bandage on his cheek}: Somebody throws a rock...
Garfield: I'm not moving

{Two panels of Mack and Garfield doing nothing. 2053 over here, folks!/sarc}
Mack: My gums hurt
Garfield {flailing his arms}: FINALLY! SOME EXCITEMENT!!!

Liz {oddly enough not being replaced by Mack's real S.O.}: You know, Mack, Garfield is almost like your child
Garfield {smiling}: Feed me, daddy!
{Mack looks back at Garfield, horrified at the cat's choice of moniker for him}
Mack {looking back at Liz, in mental pain}: I wish you wouldn't give him ideas
Garfield {out loud}: Wah!

Mack {from off-screen}: Garfield!
Mack {now on screen}: I'm home!
Garfield {smiling}: Good
Garfield {facing away, no longer smiling}: I've been waiting all day to ignore you
{Mack looks towards the audience a third time, just kinda annoyed by now}

The author writes:

Inspired by Matthew Prower's series of "Garfield As" strips. Also, used 6 strips that came out on my birthday! (Don't put this part, the part in parentheses.)

Original strips: 2004-02-05, 2010-02-05, 2011-02-05, 2013-02-05, 2015-02-05, 2022-02-05.