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No. 498: Blindfolded

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First | Previous | 2010-09-29 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=498

Strip by: FroggoFan64

Garfield: {running up to Jon with a blindfold} Blindfolded, I shall now identify things I cannot see.
{Garfield eats Jon's lunch while Jon is blindfolded}
Garfield: FOOD!
Jon: I hate you.
Garfield: Who's that?!
Garfield: {wearing the blindfold} Blindfolded taste test!
{Garfield eats Jon's lunch}
Jon: I hate you.
Garfield: Thank you for your opinion, sir!

The author writes:

I figured the best strips to go with for my first submission to Square Root of Minus Garfield would be a pair of strips I've always found odd. I refer to the strips published on 1991-06-07 and 1991-06-29, which were barely three weeks apart and featured the same basic punchline of Garfield eating Jon's food while one of the two is blindfolded, with Jon giving the same reaction both times. So I figured, what better way to mash the two than to mix their dialogue around? (Or at least Garfield's dialogue, since Jon's lines didn't need changing.)

Original strips: 1991-06-07, 1991-06-29.