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No. 495: Garfield's Birthday

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Garfield's Birthday

First | Previous | 2010-09-26 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=495

Strip by: Chris Harris

Garfield: Do you know what I hate most about my birthday?
Disembodied Voice: Where's your smile, friend?

The author writes:

I came across almost this exact layout of panels while using the Garfield randomiser and just swapped the first two around and removed John from the last one. Very much in the vein of those strips that imply that Garfield is crazy.

I have this idea that there is not just one set of figures that he is imagining but that he is tormented on regular occasion by different parts of his own psyche. Obviously this voice appears to him whenever he is acting grumpy on a day that would call for him to be cheerful.

Original strips: 2002-06-11, 2003-01-28, 2003-12-01.