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No. 4788: Prize Patrol

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Prize Patrol

First | Previous | 2022-06-28 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4788

Strip by: Flowermanvista

{Garfield is standing at the door}
Person at the door: You've just won ten million dollars!
{Garfield slams the door}
{Garfield walks over to the table}
Jon: Who was it?
Garfield: Publishers Clearing House

The author writes:

Apparently I first made this about 5 and a half years ago as of submission, and I figured you all might like it.

Seriously, how does PCH even get all that money from... selling magazine subscriptions, apparently? I'm not sure if I understand this business model.

Original strips: 2002-03-14, 2002-03-16.