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No. 4758: Ingarfuration

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First | Previous | 2022-05-29 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4758

Strip by: Fußmatte

Caption: First inauguration of Reagan, 20.01.1981
{Jon looks at Garfield, who has a teabag hanging out of his mouth. A teacup is on the table as well}
Jon: Weird

Caption: Second inauguration of Reagan, 21.01.1985
{Jon is surprised as Garfield approaches him menacingly while wearing a napkin loincloth. A plate is on the table with some olives scattered on it and the table}
Garfield: Smile when you speak to Sumo Cat, fella

Caption: Inauguration of H. W. Bush, 20.01.1989
{Jon is shaved bald, oblivious. Garfield is reading a book, smiling}
Jon: Do you feel a draft in here?
Garfield: Chapter one: "Fun with the Electric Razor"

Caption: First inauguration of Clinton, 20.01.1993
{Jon is bewildered as a smirking Garfield uses a sub sandwich as a telephone}
Garfield: Hello? ...Sorry, he's eating. He can't be disturbed

Caption: Second inauguration of Clinton, 20.01.1997
{Jon is eating dinner, and is annoyed with Garfield}
Jon: Do you have to stand that close to me?
Garfield: No

Caption: First inauguration of W. Bush, 20.01.2001
{Jon is reading a history book to a laying-down Garfield}
Jon: Empires rise and fall

Caption: Second inauguration of W. Bush, 20.01.2005
{Garfield is surprised as Jon angrily looks at him while covered in his cat hairs. No dialogue}

Caption: First inauguration of Obama, 20.01.2009
{Jon has Odie on a leash while they both look at the fourth wall. Garfield is dancing next to them, a wide grin on his face}
SFX: Tappy tappy tappy tappy tappy

Caption: Second inauguration of Obama, 21.01.2013
{Jon is holding a purple shredded curtain in front of Garfield}
Jon: Pre-shredded
Garfield: Well, that just saps all the joy out of life

Caption: Inauguration of Trump, 20.01.2017
{Jon and Garfield stand at a counter, behind which an apathetic-looking clown squeezes his own nose}

Caption: Inauguration of Biden, 20.01.2021
{Garfield, holding a letter, and Odie look apathetically towards the fourth wall}
Garfield: It's your fault for not falling down a well

The author writes:

The most visually interesting panel from every US presidential inauguration since the comic first ran. Forgive the politicalness, but I can't get over how fitting Trump's panel is.

Original strips: 1981-01-20, 1985-01-21, 1989-01-20, 1993-01-20, 1997-01-20, 2001-01-20, 2005-01-20, 2009-01-20, 2013-01-21, 2017-01-20, 2021-01-20.