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No. 4745: Another Garfield Code

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Another Garfield Code

First | Previous | 2022-05-16 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4745

Strip by: TPTPWDotACoEMW, TwinBuilder

{Jon is reading a newspaper}
Jon {in encoded text}: The world is constantly changing
{Garfield looks at the camera, then looks at the newspaper}
Garfield {also in encoded text}: They haven't stopped making frozen pudding pops, have they?

The author writes:

In January of 2021, I put together a Garfield-based ARG for a community I'm in. At the time of submission, December of 2021, that ARG has come to its completion. You may have noticed an element of this ARG on this very website, if you looked at the description of SRoMG #2401 between March and November. (Don't go looking for it now; it's been removed.) My friend, TwinBuilder, created 26 Garfield (and Garfield-related) faces to be turned into text. I got the idea of turning these characters into a font, which led to the creation of GarfieldCode.

(There's a similar pictographic font that was shown off here at some point... but I didn't realize it existed until after our font was complete!)

Original strip: 2001-11-28.