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No. 4600: Amnesia

First | Previous | 2021-12-22 | Next | Latest


First | Previous | 2021-12-22 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4600

Strip by: BuyMilkOverVanillaOkay

Jon {hugging Garfield}: I missed you so much Garfield! This is going to be the best Christmas ever, because you're here
Garfield {pointing at Jon}: Who're you?
Jon {holding his hands together and looking at Garfield}: You never realize how much you love someone until they go away
Garfield {tapping Jon}: Can you tell me who I am?
SFX: tap tap tap
Jon {looking disappointed at Garfield}: What is it, Garfield?
Garfield {pointing at himself}: Is my name Garfield?

The author writes:

I came up with this comic in like two seconds and I had a hard time getting the text to fit.

Original strip: 1984-12-24.