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No. 4587: Jon Minus Tacky Ties

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Jon Minus Tacky Ties

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4587

Strip by: Gemohandy

{Garfield is sitting in a chair, while Jon wears a blue suit and a red tie}
Jon: Well, Garfield, how do I look?
{Garfield gives Jon a thumbs up}
Jon: Great! I'll see you later!
{Jon holds his tie while Garfield stands on the table}
Jon: Do you think this tie is too ugly, Garfield?
{Garfield sits on a desk while Jon talks to him}
Jon: Garfield, have you seen my blue tie? I can't find it anywhere!
Jon: Oh well, I guess I'll just have to wear my red tie instead
{Jon whistles as he turns around, with his blue tie on his back}
Garfield: Now he's fancy coming AND going
{John holds a series of ties up for Garfield}
Jon: Should I go with this baby blue tie that says "I'm cuddly"...
Jon: The dark green tie that says "I'm athletic"...
Jon: Or the crimson tie that says "I'm wild!"?
Garfield: How about this one?
{Garfield pulls out a lavender tie}
Garfield: The clip-on that screams, "I'm a dork!"
{Jon holds a blue tie while wearing a green tie, and Garfield sits on a table}
Jon: Garfield, should I wear the blue or the green tie?
Garfield: We wouldn't want to make the wrong impression
{Jon wears a cyan tie}
Jon: Like my tie, Garfield?
Garfield: Well, I...
{Jon wears a long yellow tie while standing next to Garfield}
Jon: I think my tie is too long
{Garfield is on a bedside cabinet while Jon ties on a red-and-black striped tie}
Jon: Do you think this tie is too wide, Garfield?
{Jon wears a red tie, which is sitting on the table}
Liz: Is that a gag tie?
Jon: Uh...
Garfield: Try saying "Yes" and see what happens
{Jon stands awkwardly with a dark blue tie}
Jon: Liz, have I shown you my tie?
{Jon is wearing a lime green bow-tie}
Jon: I decided to go with the SMALLER tie
{Jon and Garfield are on a walk, while Jon wears a yellow bow-tie}
Jon: Clothes are expensive
{Jon stands in front of a mirror wearing a green jacket and a red bow-tie}
Jon: Yup, Garfield, just give me a bow tie
Jon: ...A snappy suit
Jon: And I'm ready to conquer the world!
{Garfield holds up a white flag}
Garfield: Don't forget your white flag
{Jon wears a small yellow bow-tie}
Jon: Is this tie too big?
{Jon wears a blue bow-tie now}
Jon: Liz doesn't like this tie, and she didn't say why...
{Jon holds his blue tie on the table}
Jon: A tie is the crowning touch to any ensemble
{Jon returns wearing a red tie}
Jon: What a strange day
Jon: I don't understand it, Garfield
Jon: People laughed at my tie all day
Garfield: Are you sure it wasn't your bunny slippers?

The author writes:

So, I was reading the source strips for SRoMG #2226, when I came across the strip from July 10th, 1993. My first thought was that the colorists messed up - after all, the joke is that they weren't laughing at Jon's tie, they were laughing at his slippers, but they coloured his tie in the same way as a bunch of strips where Jon's tie is the point of the joke. Of course, I decided to fix it, but then I realized just how often Jon's bad fashion sense is the point of the joke, so I decided to go through and at least fix his tie collection. I decided to leave the inspiration at the very end, just to imply that Jon wore bunny slippers throughout the entire comic (I tried making them briefly visible when he runs off to conquer the world!) After all, even without a bunch of tacky ties, Jon is still a dork, and nothing can change that.

While working, I found that some of the super-big bow tie comics give Jon an excessively long neck, which doesn't quite work so well once the super-big bow tie is removed. It's like his head is floating! Also, it's surprising just how much Jon's wardrobe improves once you replace the strange patterns - plaid, stripes, etc. - with solid colors. He almost looks respectable like this! I also like how some of the comics change with this new sense of fashion - that red tie is clearly not a gag tie, after all, so why is Liz asking?

Original strips: 1985-11-24, 1989-05-31, 1989-08-11, 1989-12-07, 1992-01-22, 1993-07-06, 1993-07-07, 1993-07-10, 1996-02-03, 2003-01-23, 2005-06-26, 2006-05-19, 2010-08-20, 2011-10-07, 2012-01-13, 2012-07-13, 2017-02-10.