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No. 4553: Garfield Pinches Jon

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Garfield Pinches Jon

First | Previous | 2021-11-05 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4553

Strip by: MichaelSar

{It's been quite a night for Jon. He'd finally gotten to go on a date with Ellen after years of calling her on the phone and begging for a night out with her... except that she didn't remember who he was. Then he spotted Liz at the very same restaurant, out with another guy with a very large chin. He disguised himself as a waiter and snuck over to see what was going on, and from there Liz revealed to her date that she liked Jon. So Liz's date hooked up with Ellen, and Jon went out with Liz. And Garfield came along, too, for some reason. Now he and Liz are holding hands, in some nondescript location, with Garfield staring boredly at them}
Liz: I had a wonderful time tonight, Jon
Jon: So did I. And it's my birthday, too
{What are the odds?}
Liz: Well, happy birthday!
{Jon and Liz make out}
SFX: Kiss
Liz: Did you get something nice?
Jon: I got a life
{Garfield pinches Jon}
{Jon suddenly wakes up in bed. It was all just a dream}
{Is Jon screaming because his finally hooking up with Liz was just a dream, or is it because being pinched by Garfield, even in a dream, hurt? You be the judge}

The author writes:

Call it a "Yank the Dog's Chain" moment if you'd like, but it'd explain Liz suddenly becoming interested in Jon.

Original strips: 1999-05-13, 2006-07-28.