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No. 4520: Odie's Mind 5

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Odie's Mind 5

First | Previous | 2021-10-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4520

Strip by: Muchacho1994

Garfield: Cats can tell what you're thinking
{Garfield comes across Odie, who is panting and wagging his tail. He doesn't know he's actually faking it}
Odie: Smile and drool, smile and drool. Don't show Garfield you're upset. You can cry over how much you miss Lyman later, but not now
{Garfield can't understand what Odie is thinking, so he just continues on his way and decides that Odie isn't thinking at all}
Garfield: Assuming you are

The author writes:

After years of struggling to forget his old owner, Lyman, the repressed memories of him suddenly return with full force. Seeing Lyman again back in 2012 only made things worse, as does the picture of him on Jon's mantel. He begins to regret his decision of wanting to go back with Jon and Garfield when Lyman tried to keep him with him. In fact, he'd probably rather be with Lyman at this point.

But Odie cares for Garfield too much to let him see him upset, because then Garfield might worry about him. So he tries to act natural when he's around. But how long will Odie be able to keep this up? How long until Odie snaps and becomes irreversibly depressed?

Original strip: 2015-02-25.