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No. 447: Garfield as Haikuist

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Garfield as Haikuist

First | Previous | 2010-08-09 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=447

Strip by: Sheridan

Garfield: Swaying in the breeze
Garfield: Like an orange in the sun
Garfield: Poetic, yes, but ...

The author writes:

A common complaint about Garfield comics is the overuse of text. This remix begins with a strip with interesting artwork that is intended to be poetic. To enhance these qualities, the strip has been edited to reduce the number of words, creating a haiku and clarifying the strip's presumed point. Also note that the three-panel layout and nature theme is ideal for the haiku poetry form. Further, the original punchline has been removed and replaced with an ellipsis, thereby allowing the reader to use his or her own imagination to regarding Garfield's complaint about his position. This lends to the meditative quality of the haiku while still allowing one to consider the humour of Garfield's situation.

Administrator Note: Of course this also harks all the way back to SRoMG #1.

Original strip: 1982-06-08.