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No. 4451: Garfocal 2020

First | Previous | 2021-07-26 | Next | Latest

Garfocal 2020

First | Previous | 2021-07-26 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4451

Strip by: David Morgan-Mar

{A selection of Garfield strips overlaid with partial transparency, all resized and rotated to overlap Garfield's face in the centre}

The author writes:

SRoMG #13 Garfocal has long been one of my favourite strips on this site. I wanted to bring it more up to date and see if modern computer production of the comics has made Garfield's face any less variable. Depending how you interpret the original Garfocal, maybe it has?

I will note that some of the component strips here could not be made to align perfectly - there is some subtle difference in the shape of Garfield's jowls and the size of his ears, resulting in the slight fuzziness in those areas.

I used every compatible strip from January 2020. I was originally going to use the entire year, but seeing how the rest of each comic faded away as I added more, I think the result would have been a Cheshire Cat-like Garfield head floating in a sea of white pixels.

Original strips: 2020-01-03, 2020-01-07, 2020-01-09, 2020-01-10, 2020-01-13, 2020-01-15, 2020-01-17, 2020-01-22, 2020-01-24, 2020-01-25, 2020-01-27, 2020-01-28, 2020-01-29, 2020-01-31.