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No. 4442: Wrong Side of Website.

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Wrong Side of Website.

First | Previous | 2021-07-17 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4442

Strip by: The Dall of Ahvertising

{The whole comic is in the Garfield GoComics page with some random ads}
Garfield: This is my best birthday ever!
{Garfield sees the icons near the 3 panels}
Garfield: Wait! Something's not right...

The author writes:

On Garfield's birthday... Viacom decided to shut the Garfield website (there goes the US Acres archive and Flash games). Since it updated, it redirects to either the new Garfield Nickelodeon page (which is kinda bland) thru the countdown, or you can just click through to Garfield's GoComics page. For some reason the HD comics had to be purchased and printed... Geez! It may affect the "use only main Garfield website" rule... However: the Professor Garfield website is still up for some reason... I got nothing else to say.

[Since this strip was submitted... the garfield.com domain has changed to redirect to the general Nickelodeon homepage, and there doesn't appear to be any Garfield-specific section... Oddly, the official Garfield Twitter account still considers garfield.com its homepage... The Professor Garfield site also appears to now be defunct... -Ed...]

Original strip: 2020-06-19.