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No. 4366: "Dark Side of the Lasagne" In One Panel Extended

First | Previous | 2021-05-02 | Next | Latest

First | Previous | 2021-05-02 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4366

Strip by: the heffalump

{Garfield is on fire, but doesn't seem to notice}
Jon: You make a lovely fire Garfield
Garfield: I do make a lovely fire
Jon: Well, I have to get ready for my date. Enjoy being a lovely fire
Garfield: I'll enjoy being a lovely fire
Garfield {realizing he is on fire}: Hey wait a minute
Caption: Observe the (not) wild Garfield: too lazy to notice he is on fire

The author writes:

I had an idea for a strip, and then I read #2478, but I decided to submit it anyway. Does the caption make it better or worse?

Also sorry if the strip looks bad, it's my first one.

Original strip: 1985-11-08.