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No. 4335: Garfereum

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First | Previous | 2021-04-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=4335

Strip by: Manyhills

Jon {pointing to a diagram}: Garfield, this is a diagram of the blockchain
Jon: You're here, and that's Genesis down there...
Jon: Any questions?
Garfield: Where's Nyan Cat?

The author writes:

Ever wanted to own a Square Root of Minus Garfield strip? Well, now you can! I'm delighted to announce that, starting today, all strips on the site are now available to bid on for ownership.

Ownership, which grants the owner no special rights or control over the artwork, will be tracked using my new invention, Jon Funniness Tokens. Previous similar technologies have utilised the blockchain to guarantee an immutable, distributed record of a token's ownership. For maximum worldwide availability and resilience, Jon Funniness Tokens implement the same features without reliance on electronic hardware or software.

Specifically, when a purchaser takes ownership of a JFT, I will:

  1. remember who it was (immutable); and
  2. tell everyone I meet (distributed).

Many of you will be aware of a third important feature of the blockchain. I reproduce this in my solution thus:

  1. every time I tell someone, I burn an acre of ancient woodland.

Bidding for today's strip starts at £10,000. And 20 euro cents.

Original strip: 2001-04-04.