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No. 3955: Milk

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First | Previous | 2020-03-17 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3955

Strip by: Garlene1987

{At the farm, Jon points to a cow's udder}
Jon: This is where milk comes from, Garfield
Garfield: How interesting, how informative
Garfield: I'll never, ever drink milk again as long as I live.
Garfield: I always run out of milk before I run out of cookie!
{Jon unknowingly pours milk into Garfield's mouth}
{Jon knowingly pours milk into Garfield's mouth, which is full of cereal}
Jon: Just kidding!
Garfield: Are you sure? We're out of milk
Garfield: How about a glass of milk?
Jon: Is that a pillowcase full of milk?
Garfield: It is
Jon: I forgot how far cats can stretch
Garfield: Now, I think I'll get some milk out of the neighbor's refrigerator
Text: Lazy bones? Ha! My bones are growing. 'Cause I lap up fat free milk. You should, too. Calcium helps your bones grow until about age 35. After that, it helps keep them strong. Plus, nothing goes better with lasagna. Would you mind spoon feeding me?
Text: got milk?

The author writes:

I recently (as of making this, that is) got a Garfield Fat Cat 3-Pack as an early Christmas present, and upon seeing the 1980-08-20 strip I just knew I had to track down all the later strips where Garfield drinks or wants to drink milk. I guess these little inconsistencies should be expected in a strip going on for over 40 years, but tracking them down still amused me. Garfield's appearance in the famous '90s "Got Milk?" campaign was the icing on the cake.

Anyway, Calvin and Hobbes did a much funnier take on the subject, natch.

Original strips: 1980-08-20, 1985-05-13, 1989-04-20, 1991-09-23, 1995-11-22, 2001-07-23, 2001-08-12, 2007-06-21.