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No. 3650: Odie's Mind 3

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Odie's Mind 3

First | Previous | 2019-05-17 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3650

Strip by: Muchacho1994

{Odie is standing on the table. Contrary to popular belief, he does not get on the table because he's dumb. To him, it serves as a quiet thinking spot. Usually quiet, anyway. His stomach hurts a little from not being fed for so long, but Odie tries to ignore it}
Odie: I'm soooo hungry. I haven't had my breakfast or lunch today, since that stupid Garfield stole them from me
{It is then that Garfield appears, holding his paws out and grinning}
Garfield: Hi, Odie!
{Odie tries his best to be optimistic}
Odie: Is this the day he finally apologizes for all his abuse? {the thought makes him smile and wag his tail}
Garfield {smiling wider}: Great to see you!
Odie {starts panting excitedly}: Maybe he'll even play "fetch the stick" with me
Garfield {his expression changes}: But now, sadly, our visit must end
{Odie is very confused}
Odie: Huh? I don't get it! He just got here!
Garfield {melodramatically}: Oh, the pain of it all!
Odie: Hey... wait a minute {Odie slowly realizes what Garfield is about to do and becomes horrified} Oh, no... OH, NO.
{Before Odie has time to make a run for it, Garfield punts him off the table...}
{...and he lands hard with a loud...}
Garfield: Literally
Odie {off-panel}: Ohhhh... I think I sprained my leg that time! Why do I still keep putting up with that cat?!

The author writes:

The third installment in my "Odie's Mind" series gives us a look into what goes on inside Odie's mind as Garfield once again kicks him off the table. Sometimes I wonder how much longer poor Odie will be able to handle Garfield's abuse before he snaps like a twig.

Original strip: 2004-01-18.