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No. 3632: Keep Off Of Grass

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Keep Off Of Grass

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Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3632

Strip by: Michael C. Fortner

{Garfield walks on the grass}
{Garfields spots a sign saying "Keep Off Of Grass"}
{Garfield walks away smoking... something. His eyes are bloodshot and he has a gray haze around his head. Who knows what it is. Maybe it's oregano or something like that. Could be incense, but I hope he doesn't inhale then. Hard to tell in these three panel cartoons with no dialog}

The author writes:

OK, this might be a little controversial, but what the heck, I'm pretty sure it will get published.

So, with all the votes on this subject lately, when I saw SRoMG #364 Keep Off the Grass, this strip jumped into my head. Because Garfield has never cared what anybody else has told him to do. He goes his own way and to heck with The Man. Tell him not to do something, he goes right out and does it. But this could explain why he always has the munchies...

Now personally, I'm not in favor of the stuff and have never done it. I can't even be close to it because of the horrible migraines I get from it. So, if you live where it's illegal, don't do it. If you live where it is legal, then it's your call. Don't get me involved in your choice, OK? And don't get SRoMG's staff involved either. It's just a cartoon, OK?

Original strip: 2006-03-03.