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No. 3553: Spafield

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First | Previous | 2019-02-09 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3553

Strip by: spooper

Salesman: Now this fridge has a 19″ TV installed right in the door
Salesman {grabbing handle}: And for the hopelessly decadent...
{The salesman pulls the handle revealing a tub of water}
Salesman: a foot-soaking station!

The author writes:

This is a reference to the Futurama episode "Roswell That Ends Well", where the Planet Express crew gets traveled back in time to Roswell, New Mexico (after Fry microwaves a Jiffy pop I might add), and the Professor and Leela need to buy a microwave to go back through time using cosmic rays or whatever, and the salesman offers them an oven with a foot-soaking station (and then makes a pretty sexist comment).

On an unrelated note, the pillow in the original strip took way too long to edit out.

Original strip: 1993-01-16.