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No. 3546: Field

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First | Previous | 2019-02-02 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3546

Strip by: V360

{In the regular Sunday-comic-sized first panel, Garfield is depicted as an assortment of shapes and colored boxes. Where there should say "Garfield" there now just says field}
{Two Garfields gaze into each others' emotionless eyes}
{Jon is shown alongside 3 other Garfields. One is slowly moving towards Jon}
Jon: Here, turkey, turkey, turkey...
Jon: Heeere, turkey, turkey,
{In the next panel, Jon stands beside a Garfield}
Jon: What is this supposed to be?
{Beside Jon, there is a floating blue box. The box is titled Smart Compose}
Box: Gmail gives you writing suggestions as you type. You can turn them off in Settings.
{The box has a dismiss button}
{Half of Jon's message is grey, implying Gmail has autocompleted it}
{In the next panel, Jon has made his way past 4 other Garfields}
Jon {in 12pt Roboto}: Click here to add text.
{In the last panel, two Garfields are standing. One of the Garfields has taken off his head to reveal nothing}

The author writes:

At first, I did a quick edit to remove the turkey from Garfield's Garfield suit, but then it just spiraled out of control, and I broke time and space. Sorry about that.

Original strip: 2015-11-22.