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No. 3477: Wait for it...

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Wait for it...

First | Previous | 2018-11-25 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3477

Strip by: Michael C. Fortner

{Arlene and Garfield looking at each other on the fence}
Arlene {smiling}: Garfield, honey... Guess what? I'm pregnant!
{Nineteen panels of Garfield in shock, with both of them looking at the fourth wall from time to time, with Arlene smiling at Garfield for the first nine of the beat panels, then getting an irritated look on her face for the rest}
{Arlene looks at the fourth wall in the last panel, frowning}
Garfield {still in shock}: But... but... I thought you were spayed!

The author writes:

When I saw the original strip the gag just came to me. It was, I'm having to take one of my kittens to get spayed this week. So why not combine it with the typical shock reaction joke of men finding out that the woman in their life is pregnant, especially if it wasn't planned and they were using birth control. And let's face it, for this type of joke you can never have enough beat panels.

And just for the record, I was never this stunned when my wife told me she was pregnant.


[[Original strip: 2018-10-12.]]

Original strip: 2018-10-12.