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No. 3467: SRoMG, Vol. 1

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SRoMG, Vol. 1

First | Previous | 2018-11-15 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3467

Strip by: Sloublues

{Pictures of a paperback book.}
{The front cover. The background of the cover is, need you ask, Jon and Linus at the table together}
Just Look At That Gorgeous Garfield
The Best (and Weirdest) of Square Root of Minus Garfield, 2008-2018

{The spine}
Just Look At That Gorgeous Garfield
The Best of SRoMG, 2008-2018
{Negative Garfield resting beneath a radical}
mezzacotta Press

{The back cover. Panels from several SRoMGs are scattered around}
"A literary triumph."
— that critic who calls everything a literary triumph
"Square Root of Minus Garfield is a treasure"
— somebody on Twitter
— Ryan North

Ten years ago, award-winning cartoonist David Morgan-Mar had a dream: to take the ground-breaking work of Garfield Minus Garfield and other parodies and expand upon it in directions as yet unimagined. Here are the first fruits of that dream: hundreds of the cleverest, wackiest, and most insightful strips from Square Root of Minus Garfield's first ten years.

Laugh at the puns! Admire the math! Nod wisely at the pop culture references! Join hundreds of contributors around the globe as they shower love, disdain, whimsy, and bemusement on the phenomenon that is the world's #1 fat cat! Featuring a star-studded cast of all your SRoMG faves, including Stephano, Linus, Zalgo, Bill Nye, Grafield, Arnold Schwarzenegger, a waxed finch, another Linus, Calvin AND Hobbes, and more.

This volume contains a roundtable debate on the true fate of Lyman, plus 13,513 bonus comics tucked away in a fractal-dimensional fold-out, including all 13,511 unpublished "pudding pops" comics! By the end, you'll be sure to join thousands of readers in saying, "Thank you, SRoMG, for teaching us to laugh at Garfield . . . again."

Barcode: 9 780345 913869

The author writes:

...No, it's not a real book. I mean, it is a real book. The book is real. The book just isn't about Garfield. But the cat in the book is orange. Well, he would be if he were colored in. Bulk color printing is expensive.

Alas, the "original" Linus did not scale up well, there was no sign of what strip he had come from, and de-pixellating is not one of the skills SRoMG has taught me. Fortunately the Peanuts wiki had an article about the very thing I wanted a replacement Linus interacting with: the wall. And in that article was a single large, color picture featuring Linus leaning on the wall. That was much more manageable with my time constraints. Linus no longer looks like a random non sequitur, but rather like he's succumbed to the dull despair that is the Arbuckle household. Or maybe he's just sick of the meme.

Almost from the beginning I was convinced that the title should be Pass the Pudding Pops, Please, but that would have been too much of an in-joke, and part of the challenge I set myself was to produce a cover design that looked like it could live on a bookstore shelf, so it got changed to something more transparent about what lay inside.

If you would prefer a cover with the Garfield font everywhere, or want your own submissions on the back, or whatever, the GIMP file is here (it contains a special collector's edition cover image, and looks slightly better than my printout). Here is a PNG file. Nobody is judging you.

Hooray for ten years of Garfield craziness, and here's to ten more!

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