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No. 3427: Pokémon Striped Orange

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Pokémon Striped Orange

First | Previous | 2018-10-06 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3427

Strip by: Dr. Manny

Text box: A wild Garfield appeared!
Text box: Jon used Smog!
{Jon exhales a puff of air}
SFX: Foof
{The entire third panel is covered in a dusty cloud. Jon and Garfield's dialogue is replaced with their levels and damage meters, with Garfield shown to be at low HP}
Ability text box: Jon's Wind Power
Text box {with yellow text}: A critical hit!

The author writes:

#??? Jon
Category: Human Joke Pokémon
Type: Normal/Psychic
Abilities: Forewarn or Klutz
Height: ???m
Weight: ???kg
It is prone to making a fool of itself. It's so awkward and paranoid, it'll respond to something or someone which is not actually there.

#??? Garfield
Category: Fat Cat Pokémon
Type: Normal
Abilities: Truant or Gluttony
Height: ???m
Weight: ???kg
Its propensity for laziness rivals that of Snorlax. When Garfield is fed a certain type of food, its girth triples. For some reason, it loves to torment Jon.

Return to the Jonto region in Pokémon Striped Orange and Pokémon Ignoramus Yellow, coming to SRoMG whenever!

[[Original strip: 2009-07-02.

Original Square Root of Minus Garfield: 2009-10-27.]]

Original strip: 2009-07-02.