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No. 3330: StinkoGarfield

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First | Previous | 2018-07-01 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3330

Strip by: Xindaris

Subtitle: Hijacked and Ruinously Strung Together by Xindaris
{1-UP is on a cloud, and also "wearing" a pill thing somehow}
1-UP: Like my new suit, Stinkoman?!
{Stinkoman looks kinda like he's yawning}
Stinkoman: Define "like"
1-UP {enthusiastically}: I have a special date tonight!!
Stinkoman {unimpressed}: Define "special"
{1-UP begins to leave the scene}
1-UP: She loves how I dress!!!!!!!
{Stinkoman looks either surprised or constipated, I'm not sure}
Stinkoman: ...!!!
{Stinkoman is alone now; there are puff clouds coming out of him as he laughs}
Stinkoman: He's dating a clown!

The author writes:

Given the existence of a comic maker on the Homestar Runner website, I'm really surprised something like this has never appeared before [It has -Ed]. I just took the script of a literally randomly chosen Garfield comic and transcribed it over into that to make this... "masterpiece". Oh well, at least it was fun for a moment. Also, I was careful to keep the locations of things mostly consistent, except that the cloud 1-UP is standing on is SUPPOSED to be floating up and down over time, like platforms sometimes do in a video game.

[[Original strip: 1995-09-29.]]

Original strip: 1995-09-29.