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No. 3276: POW!

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First | Previous | 2018-05-08 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3276

Strip by: Xineohp III Esq.

{A green screen focuses on Jon's house, captioned Target Search}
{The screen zooms in and is now captioned Enhance}
{The screen further zooms in, now showing Garfield opening the door and coming out, the caption reads Locked on}
{The screen turns red, showing Garfield with a look of panic on his face, the caption reads Fire}
Jon: A soothing sense of calm just came over my being.

The author writes:

Garfield dies in a SRoMG strip... again...

[[Original strips: 2011-04-10, 1997-09-28, 1984-08-12.]]

Original strips: 1984-08-12, 1997-09-28, 2011-04-10.