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No. 3254: Breaking Point

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Breaking Point

First | Previous | 2018-04-16 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3254

Strip by: Kavviyenta

Jon: Got a minute, Garfield?
Jon: Garfield, I'm so stressed out. The yard needs mowing, the car needs an oil change, the house needs painting, Odie needs to be washed, Liz is breaking up with me, I'm overdue on my mortgage, my credit card is maxed out, the local paper fired me, I have to write a eulogy for mom. Did I mention my shingles? Oh, Lyman didn't pay the rent. I haven't slept in days! Why does everything happen to me?! But at least I have you to comfort me.
Garfield: My litter box needs cleaning.
{Garfield is thrown through a window}

The author writes:

Based on #2615 which is based on #2497. There are times when Garfield "isn't a cat" because he can't see in the dark, doesn't eat mice, and more importantly, doesn't know just how far to go without crossing over the line.

[[Original strips: 1981-03-29, 2000-10-22 ("everything" lines), 2003-03-09.]]

Original strips: 1981-03-29, 2000-10-22, 2003-03-09.