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No. 3231: Phone It Out

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Phone It Out

First | Previous | 2018-03-24 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=3231

Strip by: DEIDATVM

Jon {on phone}: Beth, sweetie, how'd you like to go out with the one and only meee on New Year's Eve?
Jon: You would love to go out with me?
Jon {to Garfield}: I think she hung up
Garfield: Like an hour ago!
Jon {holding phone}: Ever laugh so hard you choke?
Garfield: Oh, I've hacked up a hairball or two...
Jon: I'm practicing
Garfield: No kidding
Jon: So, Liz, I'm thinking about laminating my stamp collection
{Jon is on the phone looking nonplussed}
Jon {on phone}: You say you're thrilled I asked?
Jon {on phone}: What do you think?

The author writes:

I noticed these two arrangements of panels from these three strips coalesce nicely. Here's one that didn't so much:

[[Original strips: 1999-09-17, 1999-12-30, 2013-05-18.]]

Original strips: 1999-09-17, 1999-12-30, 2013-05-18.