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No. 319: Garfield Epic #2

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Garfield Epic #2

First | Previous | 2010-04-03 | Next | Latest

Permanent URL: https://mezzacotta.net/garfield/?comic=319

Strip by: DanielBT

Jon: Go get the paper, Garfield.
Garfield: Work! Work! That's all I do around here.
Jon: Why do I feel like I just sent the lamb after the lion?
Jon: What's that?!
Jon: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Hubert: Call the wagon, Reba! That's not a natural laugh!
Garfield: I feel so... so...
{Odie tips a garbage can over}
Jon: WAH!
SFX: GROWL (Garfield's stomach growls}
Garfield: I could sleep for a week.
Garfield: I'm homesick. I think I'll use my natural, uncanny sense of direction to find my way home.
{Garfield swipes a bottle of milk}
Jon: Odie must have a very popular ear style.
Woman: He's not rabid or anything is he?
Girl: Oh no! He's not rabid!
Girl: Dolly! Where did your face go?!
Odie: GASP!
Girl: It's overrun by mercenary guerrillas!
Girl: Mom! Call out the dogs! Another one's gone over the wall!
Garfield: Show business, here I come.
Sign: I want you! Join the circus.
Garfield: Or a clown.
Binky: And respect... I demand respect.
Binky: Go ahead, hit me with it as hard as you can.
Garfield: With pleasure!
Binky: Rotundo will now take a pie in the face!
Garfield: This life isn't for me. Are you coming with me, clown?
SFX: ploop {Garfield removes clown nose}
Mrs Ernsberger: Well come in. Eat! Eat!
Garfield: There you go, Odie.
Garfield: Sounds like a little slice of heaven to me.
Cat 2: You have very brave friend here.
Cat 2: You bunk with the lizard.
Garfield: I'm getting the drift.
Cat 2: Put 'em in here!
Cat 3: We can make room!
Cat 4: We'll take'm!
{Jon finds Garfield and Odie in the pet shop}
Jon: I would have never thought to look there.
Garfield: Then what were you?...

The author writes:

I condensed one of the longest 4-week Garfield stories into three separate comics. The second one is more violent, and has shades of Fight Club involving Binky the Clown.

Original strips: 1986-08-25, 1986-08-26, 1986-08-28, 1986-08-29, 1986-08-30, 1986-09-01, 1986-09-02, 1986-09-03, 1986-09-04, 1986-09-05, 1986-09-06, 1986-09-08, 1986-09-09, 1986-09-10, 1986-09-11, 1986-09-12, 1986-09-13, 1986-09-15, 1986-09-16, 1986-09-17, 1986-09-18, 1986-09-19, 1986-09-21, 1986-09-22, 1986-09-23, 1986-09-24, 1986-09-25, 1986-09-26, 1986-09-27.